Wheel hop on the 8th gen civic Si...

This is the first time I've experienced this problem with the car and I have to be honest ... is damn annoying :).
A lot of people recommend stiffer motor-mounts but I kind of doubted that this will solve the issue. So, naturally I went ahead and did some reading about it and as I was suspecting, the motor mounts will do almost nothing against the wheel hop.
If anything, motor-mounts will give you better power to the wheels and puts less stress on the manifold and down-pipe, but that's about it.

I've found a very interesting article that describes why the wheel hop is happening and how it can be fixed.
On short, when launching a car in first gear violently, the wheel will move forward and insinde the wheel-well. This movement will change the toe of the car (toe in) giving less grip.
When this happens, wheels will spin, lose grip and go back to their original position. And then the process repeats a couple of times until the car starts moving properly.
For a better and in more depth explanation, read the original article - HERE.

So now ... how to stop those wheels moving forward? Better LCA bushings ... or torque traction bars?

You will be surprised to find that traction bars are out of the question since the sub-frame design doesn't allow to install them ... and from all my searching, I wasn't able to find any LCA bushings either :(.
What to do ... if anyone of you knows, please shoot me an e-mail!


LCA bushings ... they exist :). Blox makes them: link here - corsport.
This will be my next purchase :)!

And here is a link for the DIY: LCA bushings installation