An overlooked and maybe underrated car

Caliber SRT4 ... huh, what a car!
While my little Si thrills me with its agility and that beautiful K20 sound, CSRT4 thrills me in a completely different form.
Its like having two cars from two completely different spectrum and yet both find their way of making driving a fun thing.

I don't know why so many negative reviews were given to this car; I mean is not perfect, but in the same time is not as bad as some might like you think.
It has been a little bit over a month since I got the car and I have to admit ... I love it!

Maybe is the looks? Hmmm, could be I guess. A lot of people are complaining about its looks. Personally though, I don't think it looks that bad ... actually I love the looks. Bold and mean. It doesn't care what people think and it doesn't apologize for it.
It just is ... right there, in your face, like it or not.

The engine is amazing, transmission is well put and smooth, the turbo works flawlessly, the ride is very good and believe it or not, it actually turns. True ... is not as sharp as the Si, but it has the potential; and if you put the time and effort to improve the suspension, I'm pretty sure we can bring it to turn around the corner just like the Si.
Top that with 285hp and 265tq (stock) and you will never have enough of it - well, at least I don't :). And there is a lot of room for improvement.

I guess the "Achilles heel" of this car will be the absence of an LSD.
Well, it sort of a has one ... and SRT team called it "brake lock differential". Basically, the ABS is pulsating the brakes on the wheel that slips and thus, sending the torque to the wheel that grips. Not the best thing, I know ... but I guess better then nothing. Plus, from my readings (if they were accurate), this system seems to be working better for the CSRT4 than an actual mechanical LSD.
That being said though, there are ways to have a mechanical LSD installed ... :).

Anyhow, I have already started to add a few things here and there to improve the suspensions (for track use) and hopefully next year I will be able to take it out for a few fun runs at the track.
It could do just fine right now, but the dealer where I bought it from, screw me up a little on the tires and rotors/pads. And since the car is very rare, it was hard to be picky so I took the bullet and bought it. The car barely passed the safety test :/.
Everything else though, is in top shape.